My Life Is So Perfect

I have a great job
Friends who care about me
The most wonderful and amazing man in the whole world as my boyfriend
A family that loves me so much and cares so much about me
I am beautiful, I have proactive solutions that has greatly helped my life.
I have nice clothes and I'm not obese!!
I am living in this beautiful city of life and conflict, gorgeous concrete jungle
I have a wonderful new iPod and Avatar on DVD and a great pedicure and manicure that was so relaxing to get
I am going on a weeklong Caribbean cruise with my wonderful boyfriend for fun in the sun and drinks and exploring and all sorts of truly amazing experiences
I am a graduate student of economics and so blessed to be so smart and have such a promising future and all of these opportunities laid out in front of me
Today is my 21st birthday and I can go out and drink and enjoy life and will not be closed out from anything!!!

I thank and appreciate every single force that brought these opportunities together the way they did, and I am so blessed and lucky to have the parents that I have. I am fortunate and loved and gifted and there is not a single thing that could make life more perfect ( except maybe $$ which always helps with my financial worries). Thank you universe so much for my life!!!!
econgirl8 econgirl8
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Congrats, econgirl8, and thanks for sharing your story. But you must tell me, what statue of Buddha did you have to rub to get such good luck!? lol