One Night At Ricks Place

I seen katy grab a display knife and push it against someones neck and pushed them against the wall... with insanity in her eyes

I never ever trusted her after that...

#1 she was nuts and had bashed me and sexually assaulted me

#2 the display knifes were more dangerous than sharp as they were blunt and blunt instruments cause more damage in stabbing cases ... than a sharp knife does

I made sure I was never alone with her ever again after that ... but for one occasion and I made sure it was out in the open... outside around people.

they were a strange violently inclined lot... another time Trevor was so drunk after sculling these huge cattle surging es of vodka and cordial pushed me against the wall and was coming onto me trying to kiss me etc and Rick had to pull him off me...  that was the same night Katy was threatening to run me over in the car .. she was glaring at me as the wheels were spinning in the mud and the rain and I thought she was going to run me over ... then she bashed me and the next day left me out in the gutter in the rain .. til my brother and his wife came and got me ...
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Feb 9, 2012