I was at my friend brittneys, house and we were running around acting like idiots. She ran by her mom who was holding a wine glass full of wine and she knocked it out of her hand and it spilled on there carpet and her mom grabbed her and a spoon and spanked her bare for a good five minutes or so my butt started hurting just watching!
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Me too, my friend was spanked. He broken an object. He old 10 years. He was spanked with hand by his father and french martinet.

Have you ever been spanked by her?... Have you ever been spanked in front of a friend?

thank you for sharing your stories .I.

How did you feel about seeing her bare *** and seeing her get a spanking?

Thanks for sharing the stories.

You both should have gotten a spanking.

add me

Hey been through the Same message me

Young lady why were you not spanked aswell as you were running about as you say like idiots .
How old were you at the time
Chris x

lol those must have been red...


Did you get wet watching her get spanked

oh, just love to spank your sexy little booty.......add me in your circle......lets chat mom used anything she could find...didn't matter and I was always bare ***'d.

Good thing she didn't spank that bubble butt!

We would love to see your pics

is that britney in your photos with you?

I liked the story. Will you please add me?

I bet you had a smirk on your face.

I agree with Carolyn.

Can you add me please

What was the conversation like at bed-time?

Maybe her mom should have spanked you as well?

that happened to me a few times and my g/f

Lol great story hooefully your butt didnt hurt for long lol

OMG the spoon stings like the dickens on my bare.....


How old were you when that happened?

Oh wow mmm I think you like being spanked!

oh not even when they are done in a fun playful way?

ahh ok well i am glad you like that!nice story btw!