Spanked In Front Of Everybody

Durinf the summer back in the early sixties, several neighbor kids (approx. 25) would play kick ball. We would all play after dinner. The game was always played in the street and the parents were the refs. It seems that the parents would all sit in one driveway, talking and drinking.
Well, I will say that everyone of us were still getting spanked for any type of misbehavior or disobedience.
I remember this one time an arguement started over someone being safe or out. As I said the parents were the refs and what they called, was final. Anyway, we started disputing the call when one of the fathers said, that their decision was final and to continue playing. One of the guys said "you are to damn drunk to make a call". We all froze in place. That guys father was out of his chair and across the yard in seconds. The guys father grabbed hold of him and swatted his butt several times. His sister tried to stop their father from spanking her brother but that only got her several swats also. They were then both sent to their room with the promise of a good paddleing.
Since it was summer and back in the sixties very few people had air conditioners everyone had their windows open.
It was not long before we heard their father scolding them both and then you heard "both of you get those shorts and underwear off. The next thing we heard was the girl pleading with her father but all you heard was a bare butt getting a paddleing. As soon as he was done spankign her, then you heard him pleading and getting his bare butt paddled. Both of them were screaming and crying during the spanking. They were then both told to get their pajamas on and get straight into bed. They both cried a good ten minutes after their spanking.
The rest of us kids were syre glad that were not the ones getting a spanking. OH, by the way their were 11 and 13 years old.
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Cool account there.. Would love to discuss more...

Did you laugh

I got spanked by my aunt last labor day. She spanked hard and bare and it was me and my cousin and my brother. I bet those two were embarrassed that you and the others heard and was the boy or girl 13?

Were you spanked bare at that age too?

My friend Bonnie Jo came to my house and we decided to walk to the park. I assumed she had permission. An hour later her dad pulled in to the lot and got out of his station wagon scolding Bonnie Jo. "Where have you been? You are supposed to be at home by now!" He Walked right over to us and grabbed her arm, leading her to a bench. He pulled her shorts and panties down and whapped her butt good. Probably 30 hard smacks. I remember she had a birthmark on her right butt cheek, It got redder than the rest of her butt. He stood her up and pulled up her panties, told her to pull up her shorts and grabbed her arm again. he held her and smacked her butt all the way to the car. She had to get in his door and slide across the front seat. She didn't say a thing the whole time. Didn't cry. She told me she got it worse when she got home. I know her older brother got bent over his bed and smacked with a belt once while I was there. I heard the smacks going on for a long time. I always wondered if Bonnie Jo got the belt that day. She wouldn't say any more about it.

Also, my babysitter started spanking her daughter Jenny when she was 4 (I was 5). I witnessed this regularly, just a few light swats with her hand. I was always well behaved so I wouldn't get it. When Jenny was 5, one day out of the blue, her mom came in the living room when we were watching TV and told Her daughter she was going to start getting proper spankings with a ruler from now on, and she was going to demonstrate right now. She pulled down her daughter's pants, put her over her knee, slid her panties down just past her tush, and smacked her 5 times with a wooden ruler. It was thick and about 18" long. She pulled her panties up and smacked her one more time. She said that was just a taste, so she knew what to expect if she misbehaved. The next day Jenny interrupted her mom on the phone. Sally picked up the ruler from on to of the fridge and scooped up Jenny in her left arm, around Jennies waist. Poor little Jen slumped over like a rag doll. Sally smacked her 10 times over her thin cotton pants. then set Jenny down. Jen Hugged her mom's legs and cried, and Sally kept talking on the phone. After a minute, Sally slid down the elastic of Jenny's pants and panties enough to see the color of her bum. She smacked her bare tush once with her hand and said. "You're fine, go play." Jenny ran off, I stood there staring at Sally. She said, "You need a spankin' too?" I cried and ran off. I hid in the basement until my Dad picked me up. For the record, I loved Sally and She loved Me and Jenny. She was fun and let us do pretty much anything we wanted unless we bugged the neighbors. She talked to us and was interested in us. That was just a particularly weird week at Sallies.

Ouch. I gotten the hair brush I know how bad that hurts

Hairbrush and a switch seem to be the most effective tools in my bag.

Usually their hand is more than enough but if we're really bad mommy uses her hair brush or a wooden spoon on our bottoms

I know. A well-placed hand can be as painful as many paddles, but it can get hard on the spanker after a while, and a paddle or oval-shaped thin brush can do a number on the sit spots.

I only gotten the hair brush once and the wooden spoon twice

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