Stupid Sleepover

A couple of years ago I was at a sleepover with my best friend Katy and of course we were playing the classic truth or dare and then Katy said Dare and Brianna( second most popular girl in school behind me wasn't meant to brag but way more slutty and a *****) said " I dare you to get spanked along with your best friend,looking at me with a devilish smile. So i was ticked but didn't have a choice so we
both bent over chairs and waited for her to get the paddle. So then she came back and had a paddle labeled Cheerleader's nightmare( she was the initiation leader for her 4 years which i was suckered into sadly and i was a cheerleader.) So then she pulled my skinny jeans and g-string down( same for her). We both have some huge ***** so she said" Nice Big ***** just ripe for a good Ol' spanking" i gulped and waited for it and then i felt a sharp pain and it hurt so bad that i instinctively tried getting up and running but tripped over my skinny jeans around my ankles. Then she said " Naughty." Then put her over the chair handcuffed me and started at it again and gave me a good 50 then said 1 more and swung like she tried hitting a home run and i teared up even more than before. So my *** was as red as a tomato literally so then Katy got it and i saw her get spanked she tried harder with her and i heard the paddle whip through the air and Brianna gave Katy 100 before she stopped then pulled Katy's G-string up and wedgied it up her *** then they left us there for spankings later and neither of us could sit well for a week.
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My goodness!

Ouchy!!! ):