My Mother Shared Her Nipples

From about the time I was about 10 years old my mom would let me suck her nipples when she would nap after work. It started by her napping without her bra and me taking a few quick licks on her nipple. It progressed to me fully sucking on her breasts most days while she napped. She always removed her bra first thing, take my hand and we would go lay down. She had long,dark, fat nipples that were always hard. I loved that time so much.
She would offer me her nipples at night sometimes when she was tucking me in. She just slipped her hand under her breast and pulled it out of her shirt. I knew she wanted me to suck on them. It was what I wanted too. She controlled how long I would get to suck. Sometimes I didn't feel that I was done and I would whine. I usually got my way and she would let me suck a little longer.
Once I remember I had a friend over and I tried to get at her nipples. She almost had a heart attack.
There were times when we would be out shopping and I would whine and she would tell me to stop or I would not be allowed to suck on her nipples later. I always wanted her nipples, so i did as I was told. I would see her nipples poking out in her shirt and I rubbed them to let her know. She didn't stop me. I was allowed to touch at home.
I guess with a mom like that its no wonder I love my nipples so much. I wish I had a child like I was.
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wow - you like nipples as much as me

I wish if my mom has read your story. My mom used to come to my bed while I was sick. I have touched her breasts. Most often she didn't object and I loved exposing them and pressing my face between her breasts. She used to pull out her breasts from my mouth whenever she woke up sensing my suckling her.

I would love to give you a child so she can do what you used to do to your mom ;)