Life Incarnate

Riding the waves of simplicity gives birth to the clear void of self, yet so substantial, but as a whisper on the wind that moves my life!! With words expressed, if to make sense of it, would take from the value of it, for how could one completely fathom what is truly unspoken? I feel this great mystery of it course through me, like crystalline music in rhythm to the beat of my heart, swollen with each silent breath of it, life itself flows with it! Loves it! Is it!!
A silent witness of this significance, what has and will always be! Yet unnoticed as I slumber through life, and to most an unwelcome realization, too deep, too painful to approach fear like a loving companion of self. Yet with the open arms of a precious love do I hold thee tight to my encumbered heart, my companion, not to escape in this embrace but to find thee, me!!
As you rip, and scratch, and tear at our flesh, at our self, and scar us in this life, do u not see? That our oneness is becoming us! It shows its presences to be eternally us! And through our union the procession of all that is illuminates our sight to gaze upon roads and paths, that futures hold to be of noble fate. Potential unmasked, to live a life that is certainly assured by Destiny’s hand, drawn forth by a strength that leaves us behind, and becomes forever, I.
eumelus84 eumelus84
26-30, M
Apr 21, 2011