I Control My Life

I control my life, I control when I feel pain, I control when I bleed, or do I. do I control or these things or does my urge to cut control me. I started self harm to control what was happening to my body now it controls me funny how the world goes round....

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2010

@destiney24: I still get thoughts of self harm from time to time, but they do not linger long anymore. I think the best thing is to find a support group or therapist to talk with. If that is something you are either not comfortable with or maybe cannot afford, then I would suggest this book called The self esteem workbook by Glen R. Schiraldi, PH.D. I am using this book at the moment and there is a lot of really helpful stuff in it.

I used to self harm to control when and how I felt pain. I did get a rush from it, but also a lot of scars I really don't like. After having done it, I can completely understand the appeal; but I don't believe it is an effective method of expressing control. ( You seem to have noticed that too, feeling like it may in fact be controlling you). If you want to talk instead, you can message me if you like.

You answered your own question. cutting yourself is not very smart, maybe you should seek help before you find yourself hanging from hooks from the roof for fun.