I Bleed Just To Know I'm Alive.

I remember the first time I self injured like it was yesterday. It was the summer of 2003 and I was 13. I dont know what made me do it or how I even knew what it was but somehow I got the idea to cut my wrist with a razor blade. 7 years later and the urge to cut is still there; everyday. Scars cover my body, up and down my arm and legs, my stomach, my chest. I dont regret that I started doing it, because at one point it made me feel better, at one point it was all I had. I wish that it was easier to overcome, that it wasn't such an addicting thing. People tell me to be ashamed of them, but I'm not. It shows that I survived. I made it. They're like battle scars; proof that I've been through something.
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yea, totally. Feel free to send me a message and ask me any questions or anything you want =]

hi my names rachel and im doing some courswork on self harming, is there any chance we could have like an interview over messages, it's for my guidence gcse, i you dont need to say anything you dont want to just it would help me alot thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx