I Am A Monster

I'm Gazmo and I'm 14. Tonight I cut myself. Ive cut every dAy for 2 years. I like it. I stick to my leg normally but now it's spreading. My chest. My shoulder. My fore arm. But never my wrist, too hard to hide. Too scary. Tonight I don't care. I'll happily bleed to death. Once I start cutting, it becomes a frenzy, and it's nearly impossible to stop. So now my wrist is covered. I started this evening after a 2 day break when i couldn't do it. I grabbed a steak knife and cut. Not badly. Then tonight, I picked up my razor blade and screeched my wrist. Abd it got deeper. The moment the blade hit my skin blood poured out of the gash. So fast and so much. So much more addictive. I know I should stop but i don't want to. I'm a monster.
Gazmo Gazmo
13-15, F
May 8, 2012