I Cant Believe I Done It

i have always said to my friends ''if you self harm i dont think i can be friends with you'' but look at me now, i self harm whenever i feel i need to and wherever i can on my body. i just can't stop but im glad i told someone in the right time because it could of turned out worse. i am only 13 and i started last month (april 2012). i never liked selfhamring  but it relieves me. it all started when i had an itch on my arm and obviously i scratched it, but scratched it to much, i didnt even mind the pain, so i done it again below just to make sure. and that is how easy it is to start doing something like this, so quick and simple. i do it with my nails and i now i have tried to do it with a knife but failed,wers instead i use a broken hangover and mostly my nails.
laurenbowers123 laurenbowers123
1 Response May 14, 2012

That's how i started, scratching an itch, guess it was deeper than I thought. didn't realise how bad it was till i found myself hunting for scissors, or something sharper, because my nails were enough to stop the itching.