notice how that title says nothing like, my life expiriences or how i cope or how life has bit me in the ***? yeah i noticed too. the reason im even on here is to say, this is a brutally honest problem so im being brutally honest with my story. its pretty ****** to say hey im 14 an ive done this for 3 years. but thats my problem. when i was 2 my parents got divorced. i was raped and molested by a family member from age 3-6. thats a long time at a young age to live in fear. i grew up in a bad place, and then my life moved to a different place. a whole new state with a new family that came with my new stepdad. about a year after my move at 7 i foun out my grandmother had breast cancer. she relasped 3 times. then i moved again. at 9 i was being bullied constantly. it was literally a living hell. at 10 my mom got pregnant and my dad got qmarried- the birth of my brother and the marriage was less than a month apart. 6 months later i lost 3 family members within a 6 month interval. then in 7th grade i hid 9 knives in my room and tried to kill myself. ever since ie dealt with my own **** my own way
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hang in there...u have been through alot, and i wish i could say i understand< but then i would be lying, and thats the last thing i wanna do. i just hope that things will get better...<3