I Need Help

heey . im a 13 yearold femal who aint really had the best of starts to like and it sounds terrible but i self harm and smoke .
everyone says self harming gets better but mine only seems to be getting worse for example , bigger urges = harder to controll = bigger cuts .
iv seen that much happen in life , thinks from a young age that no one should go through and no child should whitness that nothing in life scares me anymore . im just a gernerly angry kid most  people think that makes me a bad kid / trouble maker but people dont want to give me a chance however if you get to know me youll see im a decent person , i wont say im an angel because im not but im an alright person i just have trust issues .
anyway im struggling majorly with self harm at the moment and dont know where to turn so if anyone can help please please please do !
thanks :) xx
invisiblekid invisiblekid
2 Responses May 22, 2012

Your fone thanks emu id rather not kill my self just because i self harm doesnt mean id like to die thankyou

No this person called emu... Commented sayin to cut my neck abd hide t with a scarf sorry

the teachers at my school dont want to teach me or help me .i know im only 13 and people teachers always say to me ' your 13 you shouldnt be stressed -.- ' but im having to deal with alot . my moms practically disabled due to domestic violence tht i whitnessed from age 5 and i have exams to do , im always in trouble at school and half the time i aint done anything , i get bullied alot , and i have to do alot to help my mom so yeahh i am stressed and s/h kinda is my relese !

Thanks ov always thougjt tht