Just A Little Something

This is just a little something that I wrote. I used to really enjoy writing and now I never seem to find the time. I would appreciate and feedback you can give me!

I tried to change, but it had taken over. The feeling of nothing had engulfed me. I didn't want to go back. Reality would choke me, making me fight for each and every breath. Then I thought why not make it stop? That lovely morbid thought. My twisted little brain had me believing the illusion it had created. My brain was covered in fog, unable to see any way out but giving up. The haze never fully evaporated, it was always slightly there, haunting me with what I thought was the past. I felt nothing but pain. Each time I indulged I knew the pain would disappear, but only for a little while. I thought I was pacing myself. That I wasn't letting myself get out of control. But I was wrong. I had lost control long ago. I lost myself when I left you. My heart had so many cracks, it shattered at the slightest of touches. The whisper of the wind could have broke me. I was on a constant edge, that I had created for myself. Every day I tested the ledge, pushed myself a little further to see if I would lose my balance and fall. Deep deep down, to a place with nothing but darkness. No exit. Nothing.
Panda6498 Panda6498
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012