My Story On Self Harm

I was just an average girl, this year i'm a senior. I had things going for me, I started to get super depressed and had all these girls and just people in general bullying me and other things. I have struggled with cutting and an eating disorder since 7th grade. I started cutting more and more, I couldn't and didn't want to stop, I went to treatment and am now out but I still want to cut and not eat, why? I just need to find someone out there who understands.
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You know, help always comes from within yourself, even if it might need an external impetus. Your story touched me: I am a recovering anorexic and self-harmer who has also had suicidal tendencies. The first and most important step is acknowledging that something is wrong, and thankfully you have done that wonderfully. I myself had to deal with bullying, and I can tell you that your worth as a human being does not depend iin the least bit on the opinions of some silly teenagers. I know you're scared right now, scared to face the pain of the real world without the shield of self-harm and anorexia, but try to analyze what is the worst that could possibly happen in any given situation if you somehow do not live up to the standards of your peers. Nothing would happen. The world would not end. You are very much enough just as you are, my dear. You are beautiful; you will be fine. Do not think that there is anything wrong with you. Indeed, there is something awfully wrong with society. I advise you to talk openly about your compulsions with someone you can trust, and bear in mind that you are not alone. If you want to talk, you can contact me as well. Please take care of yourself.

I know how it is. It's hard to deal with things. It's such a relief to harm yourself. Congratulations on getting over it :)

I have bad news though... I cut again this morning. ):

Oh :(

I'm sure you will find a way to get better. Don't give up o/

I am starting to feel like there is nothing to help me..