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Who is that girl?
she smiles, jokes and dances around,
she stands up proud in front of a crowed,
she shows them her strength by giving them a twirl.

Why is she in the corner alone on the phone?
Is she acting busy so no one will talk to her?
get up now and be with your family,
Don't sit there and groan.

The scene has changed she is in her room.
What's the knife for, why is it there?
Please don't do that, it doesn't help.
Stop! you'll send yourself to an early tomb.

The remote is gone the channel is stuck,
It keeps replaying over and over.
Why does the girl hid from her family
Please don't do this you need to stop and look.

It can't be me I would never do this
but then why do I feel as though I'm her
My arms aren't bare and the pain is so real
I need someone here I need a mothers kiss.

Stop pretending to smile.
Show them your arms
please switch this movie off, for a while.

sarah0112 sarah0112
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012