Everyone I know goes by 'time heals all wounds'. If that's really the case, how come time has only brought more pain and made it worse? I have to fight a mental fight to be able to get up in the mornings. I move away from people who get too close to me. I don't trust men anymore. And I don't know why I'm here. Almost every night I just sit and consider the pros and cons of ending everything. Pros: It wouldn't hurt anymore the same way, I wouldn't have to relive every horrific memory, I could maybe finally feel free of the past's negative toll on me. Cons: None. I cut myself sometimes when I can't get myself to go through with ending everything. Sometimes it makes me more angry; at myself and everything else. And sometimes it makes me cry even more, because all the reasons for me cutting overwhelm me. I know self harm doesn't heal me, but sometimes it's the only substitution to taking the easy way out.
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I wish just as much as you do in hoping that time will heal the wounds. Sometimes it feels like time isn't moving at all.

But from your story you sound like a fighter. Find strength in your resolve to not giving in and taking the easy way out. Trust me: going to hell is the easy part, it's coming back that is a *****.

I wish I could offer you a piece of miracle advice that would make everything better, but there isn't any I know of. Please know that I understand the way you feel because I feel those feelings too. So take comfort in the fact that you aren't alone in this hell. Stay strong, and keep fighting a good fight. I promise you there will be a better tomorrow, all we have to do is reach out for it.

Thank you so much. It really helps just knowing that someone understands.