The Warning Sings Are Obvious To Other Self Harmers

I am a self harmer. I notice when other self harmers are doing the little things I do to hide the scars. I notice that you dont take off your jumper. I noticed the scars when your sleeve came up and how fast you pull it down. I notice when you pull alway if someone toches your wrist and I see the fear in your face wondering if they felt the cuts and scars hidden under the sleeve. I notice how you dont talk much and only smile when you think people are looking. I notice how you look at your sharpener and sisisors. I notice that you never show any skin. I notice that you go to grate lengths to hid yourself when we change for gym. I notice evreything because I do it all to. I notice because I am a self harmer. Self harmers know the signs.We look for them. Its obvious to us, why is it so hard for everyone else to notice? Why dont they care?
Butterflycutter Butterflycutter
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I think you are right here. Its too easy to notice other people who self harm... the slight movement when you pat them on the shoulder... the long sleeves... It seems like a lack of confidence through the eyes of people who have no clue. But to us... it's a realization that this person is struggling against the greatest battle they've ever fought.

:/ Why can't others see?

For real!