Thinking About Self Harm

When I was a teenager I used think about suicide a lot but never attempted it. As I got older I stopped thinking about it & started thinking about self-harm instead. When I was a child I was keeping a secret (which I never should have kept a secret) & I started to think of my skin as a container, containing all this stuff, emotions and facts, inside. Sometimes I didn't want to keep it in anymore & wanted to be set free. I never actualy tried it because I didn''t want the pyshical pain.
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IMO it's a lovely, beautiful, hobby.

This was posted back in 2007 but I will still post anyway if you have not already please do not self harm I have been doing it since I was 16 and now I am 20 and my arm will never look the is horrible looking with scars and ugly even makeup does not help fully. It is a terrible thing to start and very hard to stop I am still having a hard time stopping.

find other ways 2 help talk 2 some1 but dont start self harming its like an adiction even after that first cut its got hold of u and its so hard 2 stop iv been tryin 2 stop for 27 years but always find myself goin back 2 it ,its my only way of knowing how 2 cope i wish id never done it.

Good you never started!! Never try it... Its hell! Everything about it is just horrible! <br />
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Keep strong!

Do not start self harm!! It will ruin your life. Plus you'll be stuck with scars on your body for the rest of your life as a constant reminder of what you did! I cut myself, and I deeply regret ever starting it! Trust me, you don't want to suffer like us self harmers do.

i am almost 4 years self harm free, and its always there, nagging in the back of my mind.<br />
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When you start doing it you think it'll be ok, just superficial, nothing to it really and it realeases so much. But its a romanticised view. Each cut is deeper and more serious, each urge is stronger. <br />
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Don't ever start self harming, its so much harder and so much worse than you can imagine.

Do not try self-harm. Never try it. <br />
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I did, and i still do self-harm.<br />
Worst thing i've done in my life.

same. Never make that first cut as there is no going back

Sezziy is right, it's very addictive. I stopped but I know these scars wont go away... and it's even more sad.<br />
Sometimes you just need to talk with someone to stop bad thoughts...

I can't see me doing it, just wanted to tell my story 'cos I've never really talked about it much. Thank you for comments though & Don't give up giving up.