I loved to self injure, I did it to let out feelings, when I had physical pain I didn't have the emotional pain. I havent cut for ten months. My therapist says i sshould be proud of myself, but the way i figure, its no worse than smoking or drinking. but then there is the risk of going too far, I don't really care though, living at home is hell. if i die because of self harming. so be it, maybe my parents would learn from it, give my siblings a better life, turn things around knowing how bad they screwed up.
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Naw, but you've got a whole life time still in front of you! :) Please stay strong; many parents are devils; but killing yourself might not always work; what is better is to show that you might be a better parent in your future than they are. You've made it this far in life, why not continue? Sweetie, there are many more things in life that might be worth to live for. Not only might your goals in life be fulfilled (maybe it is meeting you greates love, having the most wonderful family, becoming successful, happy etc), or is could be global events: World peace, extended human rights etc. You never know what will happen in the future; but one thing is certain, stay strong and optimistic and the future can't be anything but bright! :D Good luck! =)