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I know that this is a lot to ask, but I am an Psychologist about to do some training on self-harm to a school I work for.

I know a lot about the theories (and a small amount about the practice as I have self-harmed in the past to a very small degree), but I would really appreciate some of you being brave enough to share your stories and experiences so I can, in turn, share real stories (anonymously of course) with these people.

I believe that an understanding of the causes / feelings behind this could really make a difference to the way they understand and  help their students.

I know this is asking a lot, but I would really be grateful as, I’m sure, would the high number of girls who self harm in this school. I don’t want to make up 'case studies' when there are so many wonderfully strong and beautiful people out there to tell theirs. THANK YOU

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I started cutting because of a lot of emotional problems I had, and still have. It all really started because I did t have a lot of friends to talk to, and the ones I did have I didn't trust telling them. A year after I started I found I would do it less and less, but when I did it wasnt just 1 or 2 it would be like 4 or 5, in some cases I would cut a word in my arm. As I look back now I realize that there were a lot of better ways of dealing with those problems.... But I can't change the past, nor would I. Now I still do but very rarely, like 1 or 2 at the most. As for some people who didn't like others to see thier cus I didn't really care, I didnt make excuses for them. I would just say I was really depressed and had no one to talk to to relive it. However I think it's great that someone finally wants to hear from really people who have done it instead of going on statistics that are only counting the people who either were forced help or got it on thier own. So thanks

I self harm because of depression, anger, being upset in general. I do it because I enjoy it. I look at it as a coping method. It doesnt hurt really. you arent focused on the cut itsself. but the emotional pain being released durring that time. <br />
I dont do it for attention. I actually hate attention. and try to avoid my cuts and scars from being noticed.<br />
Most people who self harm are not in it for attention. most have a much deeper reason then that.<br />
and no one is ever alone. there is always someone who will understand you and what you are going through.<br />
I do a lot of research on this subject. and I also cut. I have actually been thinking of becoming something in this field of Psychiatry.. <br />
Thank you for not just getting your info from statistics. but actually asking real people.. It means more then you might think (:

I usually self harm wen i've ben drink or the day after coz i've usually done something i dont like... but some time i just feel like cutting cost i like doing it but wen im doing it i hit myself coz i cant do it the way i want too !! <br />
<br />
i dont no if you get where im coming <br />
<br />
good luck <br />
<br />

its really good know that there are people out there who actually wants to understand as many people jump to the assumption that it is attention seeking when really most people who self harm actually try 2 hide the cuts and actually lead a very lonely life! i'm not ready 2 share my story yet but i just wanted 2 let u know that i am pleased that u have choose 2 work in this field and hopefully the support out there will turn 2 people who are kind, caring and non judgemental instead of just pushing u out and adding u as a number to there statistic!

thank you both very much X