Yet Another Story

im totally lost! i dont know what to do, im desperately trying not to cut but i dont know if i can. i dont see the point anymore, i already have today so why not again? its been years since i started and compared the hundreds of cuts i've made previously one more doesnt seem like anything.

im at the lowest ive been in years there just doesnt seem any point in anything anymore. i feel like im trapped, as if i have nowhere to go, nobody to turn to. i could tell the couple who know but whats the point its not going to stop me. i told one i wouldn't but i have. sorry.

im not supposed to do this, im supposed to be the strong one that helps people fight their battles but i cant even fight my own. im the one thats always cheery but im anything but that. im supposed to be the responsible one but i cant even look after myself how am i supposed to look after the little kids? im not someone they should look up to.

detourahead detourahead
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

thank you. you really dont know how much you mean to me

I know exactly how you feel.<br />
I'm here for you to talk to.<br />
If you need to do it okay?<br />
But please be careful.<br />