Has There Been A Change?

I think I'm just fooling myself now. I keep telling myself everything will be fine, I'm a big girl, just put on that smile and it's fine! But when you can't sleep with the temptation. Just even the smallest thing makes me want to do it. Its clear everything is not fine.

I'm trapped. Trapped. Trapped inside my own body, I can't be who I want to be. My friend just asked me who I am. I said "A unique individual". This is true but that is all I know. As I sit in this room, I realise I'm no different from who I used to be when I just relied on S.H. So it seems to me there isn't anything that is stopping me from going back there. I'm wondering, is it all worth it. Am I strong enough to keep going? Only I know, but its a shame I don't know who I am.

violinfreak violinfreak
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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Thanks Lynda :) I've added you and I hope we can chat :) x

I agree with Harmony. I'm going through so much crap right now. It seems that Self Harm is what can help but then it only helps for a second, not long term. But yet we still do it. Add me on msn if you want a chat sometime. glasgow_girl2k7@hotmail.co.uk<br />
<br />
Lynda x

Thanks Harmony :) I'll try, I understand how hard it can be.<br />
I hope your okay.<br />
Violin x

You're not alone<br />
No matter what, people like me are going through the same things as you<br />
You are not alone, just remember that<br />