When People Say It's So Stupid...

It makes me very very upset. For me to hear them say such things...I mean who the hell are you to tell me I'm stupid and am being stupid about the whole cutting situation some people pose...and some people don't or even maybe for a cry of help. But in my case I don't give Not just a **** what social workers or teachers elders hell my ******* cat for gods sake but i don't give 1,000,000,000,000 ***** about what they say to me. And yes yes i understand the constant gesture of "oh I'm just trying to help" , but the thing is you can't stop me unless i want to stop. And oh I'm not trying to say Go cut and never stop. Its simply my opinion FOR MY OWN LIFE. I'm not god. I wouldn't know whats wrong or what your going through. I just feel I'm not the only one with that same state of mind...Or am i?
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3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I do think about others and how they feel. But they all seem to ask me the same thing..Oh why are you doing this and this is sooo so stupid. I simply just say if you do not wish to stay by my side then see you around.

Your not alone, and lets see one of those rich, prissy, arrogant, pretentous ******* face problems that drive a person to gauge holes in their flesh. Then they can call it stupid.

well the people who tell you this stuff is only doing it because they care. they are just looking out for you. i agree it is your choice but also look around. it can also be hurting other people emotionally who care about you. but im not saying anythings right or wrong jus do ur own thang girl

True thy do care but its cruel to tell someone who self injures they are being stupid. It makes them feel like you don't understand and their problems are obselete. It makes them feel even more alone which is why some people cut in the first place. You can say you disapprove but you shouldn't say it's stupid.

true its not right to say its stupid