I Still Call It Recovering.

I used to post stories on here a lot, about everything that was going on, in my life and in my head. I was suicidal, cut myself everyday on more than one occasion. Hospital visits, acute mental institution stays. I would always ask myself "when is this going to end?" Well, I can answer that now. August 3rd, that's when it ended. August 3rd was the last time I've cut myself. That's 5 months and 4 days to this day. But even though it's been all those months, I still consider myself "recovering" and not "recovered." Because well, honestly, I'm not.
Things have gotten so much better, to say the least. I'm happy now, in an amazing relationship with an amazing guy, I mean what can I say, I'm in love. I'm getting better grades, I'll be on the honor roll this semester. Taking a choir class which I really love. Looking to graduate early, which I most likely will. I've been going to church every Sunday, singing with our Worship Team.
But I still get depressed, fortunately not every day, once every two weeks if that. I still feel the need to cut myself sometimes, but very rarely,only when I fit really deep lows.
I'm very pleased with myself, my family is too. I've come a long way. And for those who are at the point where they feel it will never get better, I was there once. I was almost positive I was going to end up killing myself. But look at me now, I am living proof that it really does get better.That life doesn't have to revolve around self injury like mine once did. That there's life out side of that. That happiness is just an unbroken blade away, even when it feels like it is no where in sight. It gone five months without a single cut, and I'm determined to go five more.

But even after all these months, I am, without a doubt, still recovering.
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Congrats! Stay up there. :)

thanks, im really tryin :)