I Agree

I went to Christian churches for a while. I had always had a good spiritual relationship and thought maybe I was missing something. I am not going to lump all Christians together, they are all individuals, but I did feel a common, consistent judgement. My family was having a lot of problems with medical problems and the cost that goes with them. I was tithing, and even when I couldn't feed my family, they said that if I needed help from the benevolence fund I needed to be giving to the benevolence fund. I had only asked for a food box. I know this is not "typical or usual" I am not trying to be judgmental. What I noticed the most was that there didn't seem to be that many 'miracles' while I was in the Christian church environment. I tried quite a few churches over the years. So I decided to do as the Bible says and follow the fruit. Now even though I'm on my own again as far as a building, I feel like I came back to my spirituality. I was shocked how little I feel the presence of something higher in those buildings and in the eyes and hearts of the people in them. When I would find someone that agreed with me they were equally unsatisfied. So it makes me crazy too when people tell me I'm wrong and they almost never witness the miracles that happen often in my life. Wish I could be a fly on the wall when after death they realize it was never a superficial name plate that was the key.

jensenlver jensenlver
36-40, F
Feb 3, 2010