Spank Me

I really really feel like I need a self spanking or something right now. Please give me how many spanks, with what instruments everything. I'll even do it on Skype
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

How about recording it for YouTube & posting the link?
Can you record the video while you're using Skype?

I want you to do it on Skype. In school uniform (short trousers). You will take them off, and your underpants, you will bend over, your upper clothing pulled right up your back. If you wish you can play with yourself with one hand, but with the other you will take up a good heavy harbrush and with the back of it give yourself 12 very hard whacks on each cheek of your bare bottom, and a further 12 in the centre of your bare bottom. I hope that will gratify you. Let me know if you really want to do this, and I will give you my Skype address.