I am 17, and never thought i would begin to self harm. For the past few months I have been feeling completely numb. I feel nothing. I don't care, and it scares me. So I just took the scissors and started cutting, i was glad i felt something. And I don't know why i did that. I don't know. In one way...It's a way for me to express to myself how much i hate myself. Because I hate myself so much, I would cut myself. I am a pathetic being...completely pathetic.

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Honey, you are a beautiful and great person. Message me anytime and we can talk about anything you want :3

I'm 17 and do the same thing (scissors and all) and I didn't think I was one of those people either, but just know people are here for you

I understand. I know I should get help, talk to someone but I just want to stay like this because if I stop cutting I don't know what can I do to stand myself...I'm seventeen too, if you want to talk I'm here

i understand what u saying. if you are only 17 i think you should have a look at this website. the people there are life savers

i understand what u saying. if you are only 17 i think you should have a look at this website. the people there are life savers

Hey, i suffer with depression myself so i know what you're going through because i used to feel the same way i also used to self harm. What helped me was i spoke to someone and also the doctors they told me if i did it again i would be sectioned in a mental institute. That's when i realised i had to stop. I feel for you hun x

What is it about you that you hate so much....describe why you hate yourself in detail...what do you feel is wrong, by comparison to others like you...?

i really wish i could change that for you because i know egzactly how you feel, i never thought i would end up doing it but i did im 17 and been doing it since i was 13(not that long ino) but i thought i could handle things but when they get to much and you have nowere to turn to turn. please find someone to talk to or some other way to vent. and dont ever think your pathetic everyone is awesome! :) but sometimes everyone forgets that.

*blushes* i know;)

thank you very much) It's sometimes not my fault, I have major depression so sometimes it's very hard and I can't be bothered to do something. And believe me I've tried everything, classes, finding friends etc, it doesn't work for me)) But thank you very much for your concern it makes me feel like somebody cares;)

i feel for you honestly, i am really sad that you have to result to self-harm. dont you have like a family relative or member to talk to?.i am really sad but not shocked because i tried to result to self-harm because i thought it would make me feel better and take all my pains and emotional burden away but it just made me feel worse. i was very depressed and pathetic that i convinced myself that i was overweight, 5months later i was diagnoised with anorexia nervosa. anyway to cut long story short i just want to tell you not to hate youself, love life,there is so much in the world to explore. it not too late, you can join clubs or a class. maybe get a job and start making are beautiful no matter what and dont let your situation right now pull you down. tell yourself, you are the stronger person and i wish you all the best :]]<br />
<br />
p.s it would take quite a time but it would get better