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I've sh'd since I was about 12,, it started because I was bullied I suppose. I would dig my nails as deep as I could into my arms,, since then I've used razors,, knives,, scissors and matches. It's never really bad,, just enough to stop all the bad thoughts. I've been told go and kill myself,, and that my friend's suicide attempts were my fault. I'm still trying to sort things out with my ex as I still like him but I can't deal with him threatening me. I used to cut just about every night but now it's only occasionally. I let myself cut if I need to otherwise it changes my whole personality and I end up pushing everyone away and it escalates. I think it's ok if I just keep it to a minimum. I have a few close friends I can talk to if things get too much and I draw,, which helps. I also like if I can help other people going through the same stuff. I just thought I'd share in the hope that other people will read this and realise it's something you can get past,, you just need to find your own way of dealing with it (: hope this makes sense x
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Amen to that! :) thank you soooooo much for sharing! :)

It makes perfect sense. Do what you can to get thru the maddness, then when you're on the other side, you can calm yourself. <br />
<br />
Just know that there will be an end to the maddness at some point. :)