My Journey Through Self Harm


I started cuttting when I was twelve years old, and it's been the only way that I have coped with many dark times in my life.

Why do people cut?

In my opinion, people cut for lots of different reasons. For me, I cut to feel, I cut for release, it gives me a sense of peace, calm.


Some people only cut certain part of their body, or all their body, for me I cau mt arms, legs, my body, my hands. I cut chaotically, lots of cuts, and when things get really bad I cut my face, in the same way as the rest.

Does it help?

For me now, not really, apart from cutting my face does make me feel better, but it's just something that I do to ease the pain I feel. I have a cutting ritual, I most of the time cut in the bath, I get a blade, and I drag it accross my skin and seeing the blood gives me some kind of peace, not much though these days. If you have just started cutting, seek help before it gets too bad.

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2 Responses May 29, 2012

I cutt to been doinh oy sense on was 9 now im searching for some to snach me and abuse me on everyway own n control me

please, please, please know that if you want to speak to somebody who has been there. I'm always here.

thank u