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My Dad Died

im 16 now, my dad died last december. i dont like talking to my friends about it a lot or like complaing because i understand its a part of life and all that, i feel like its starting to really effect me though, im getting kind of depressed and i feel not as confident in my self i dont know if thats what its from or not but yeah, also ive been cutting recently not a lot and not that bad just small ones its not for the reasons most people do though. i mean i dont feel like it lets out emotions i guess i like the look of them and the fact there there. its weird idk haha, anwyays thats it. my lifes good i really cant complane just was wondering if anyone had any input about what im feeling.. i know bitchy teenage problems:/ thanks:)
breathofsnowandashes breathofsnowandashes 16-17, F Aug 28, 2012

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