I Am Sad.

I'm listening to slow, beautiful instrumental music in a darkly-lit room. I slowly roll back my sleeve, exposing my pale forearm. With one hand I hold my sharpest pair of scissors, and with the other I gently finger the blades, then open them wide. Bringing the fine point of the blade to my wrist, I press down deep into my skin. I take a slow, deep breath, close my eyes, and slowly drag the blade across my skin. It feels great. Eyes still closed, I drink in the feeling of refreshment washing over my body. With every centimeter of opened skin, a bad thought is let go of. With every speck of blood, a demon is released. I drop the scissors, lay down on the bed, look at the ceiling. I am relieved.
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

****, I wish my cutting was this romantic. With me it's just like bam bam bam sweat and dirt in the cut sponge it up with toilet paper.