I've been self-harming for nearly ten years. There was a period when things got better for me but in the past couple years I've been doing it on and off again. I have scars on my forearms one in particular bothers me because of the situation in which it happened. I am going to start going for therapy again so maybe I can begin utilizing better coping skills that I've fallen out of the habit of using. I just don't want to be doing this my entire life.
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Good for you - dang tablet:-)

34 here & still doing it - just sneakier now I guess. Go for you going back to therapy. I'm too chicken to go!

I understand trust me, I have been cutting for couple of years now and its really taking control over my life. I hate that I turn to this, I'm in my late 30's & I feel weird that I do this, because I hear so much bout teens doing it. I was abused physically & verbally by my dad when I was a teen, now I have ptsd and its controlling my life.