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Everything Is Wrong

Its hard for me to feel happy, call me spoiled, even though i have a 'great' life. Ive got a great family, amazing friends, but nothing feels right. im always depressed, always upset. but i always hide it behind the fake smile. i dont even remember how to really smile anymore. no one notices the difference, ive been fake smiling for a long time. my hips are scarred, because i cant let anyone see what i do to myself. i disgust myself.
thatsong thatsong 13-15, F 2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

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Im sorry but im going to have to agree. It is selfish. You have nothing to cry over. Nothing wrong. Just spoiled.

dont every feel that way about your scars..they tell a story of you life that says i am strong! so dont ever feel that way about your life! its an important chapter of your life. your book is not finished...keep going and stay strong :) <3