Why Do I Self Harm?

Why do i cut?Well i cut for two reasons one its less serious than suicide at least i believe so.Two it gives me something to focus other than my own thoughts.i dont know when i started but i was a teenager at the time.I did cutting back then everytime i got upset now its less often but i still do it occassionally my bigger problem is constant suicide attempts though i wont go into detail since this is a self harm group not a suicide group.
I do know today i regret cutting.I have scars that have healed but leave a fresh bit of dark bruises up and down my arm from cuts and burns.Reminding me constantly that i have an illness and a small part of me has to learn how to be okay with it.
I do wonder if anyone has a particular favorite place to self harm on there body.I ask only because i cut only on my left arm.Theres a small mark on my right but its basically untouched
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

my favorite spot is my left arm over the wrist area...i also sometimes cut on my legs and fingers..