The Cuts On My Body

It's now Summer, my least favourite time of the year; the time when I feel the most vulnerable. It's getting harder and harder to cover up the cuts on my body. I don't know if I can take another of Summer of lying to people when they ask why I am wearing pants and jumpers on a 35 degree day. I feel like all my problems are boiling up in my body, I can literally feel the pressure building and building until I cannot handle anymore. Then I cut, and it feels like all the pressure and all my problems are being released out of my body through my blood. I don't know how I started or how I'm going to stop, if I ever do; I want someone to care.
Elle93 Elle93
18-21, F
4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

The cuts just remind you how **** you feeling Elle. Doesn't really help. :-((

i fell the same way

Please,please do stop,I have happened across this post by chance and I care,many people do care,many would be willing to help you if only you ask for guidance.
Good Luck and best wishes.

I care... I do the same thing with covering up... it might be 30 degrees celsius and my friends are sweating in just their polos and I have my cardigan on and they are like aren't you hot and I'm like nah I am cold and my mum doesn't ask questions... I am here to talk when you want :) <3