A Sense Of Relief...

I started cutting myself almost a year ago. The first time I did it because I was overwhelmed with anger. I couldn't control my temper & I stabbed my left arm with a small knife repeatedly. There was blood. Then there was that feelings, feelings of relief. My hand was burning. The more it burns the more I feel good. I call it 'burning sensation'...

Now I do it often.
I do it when I feel empty or blank.
I do it when I need to feel alive.
I do it when I'm extremely angry with myself.
And it makes me feel good.

Well, about the scar? I like them. I consider it as my own natural tattoo...
LisbethTylerMorgan LisbethTylerMorgan
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Where are your scars mostly located?

my left arm (wrist) and my left leg...well most of them almost faded away.