Overwhelmed & Scared For My Own Safety & Sanity: Still!

From 25 April 2012 i was home alone as my parents were enjoying their time overseas (they are in their 60's-good on them) but in May 2012 I lost files for my College study on a pc from my USB ;( which was very stressful;

I wasn't eating or sleeping properly and I had stopped taking my antidepressants as "I thought that I was better" than before my parents went away.

On Wednesday morning of 9 May, was the first time I started cutting my wrist the next was Sunday 20 May then I tried on 10 November, but it didn't work as I had put (too much) soap on my wrist, so the razor didn't cut into my skin.

I am still depressed and seem to be going through a period as described above! I am getting anxiety attacks, teary, and suicidal ideas which is making me very nauseas. I feel that my parents don't understand and try to minimize my suffering! I need support. ;( ;(
Butterfly365 Butterfly365
36-40, F
Dec 10, 2012