A Poem.

An empty room, an empty girl
Sitting silently on the floor
Her sleeve rolled up, exposing skin
She drags the blade and presses in
The pain it brings cannot compare
To the joy she knows will soon be there
It's worth the scars that never heal
For just a moment, not to feel
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5 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Girl, PM me. I will show you pictures of something that might make you think twice. Please don't hurt yourself, the scars may last forever. I know this to be true.

its sad but true and still a beautiful poem

do the scars never heal? **** i am ******. its summer year round where i live.

that sound very true and good poem too I sorry you suffer like that. I send you good feelings. love xxx

Hi Josie,
I understand where you are coming from. I was once a teen who self harmed. However, 20 years later I am a therapist who helps people heal from their painful feelings so they don't have to avoid feeling anymore. I wish this for you. Your poem is poignant but you do not have to suffer alone. Consider talking to someone. Please take care.