Joking About Self Harm

Today someone came into my English who was attacked by there dog, they had scratches up there arms and hands and his face, people on my table started laughing and saying " he obviously didn't know not to self harm in his face" and " he didn't try to kill himself very well" little did they know I'm sitting on there table with cuts under my sleeves and trousers. The fact there knowledge isn't even correct annoyed me, you'd have to cut vertically at a vein to kill yourself, not scratches on your forearm, it angered me so much I just sat there with my hands shaking, I wanted to show them my cuts just to shut them up, self harm is serious and it will never be funny.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Unfortunately we are surrounded by people who know no better than to not think before speaking.

I know how you feel. I always want to slap them in there face for making fun of this painful... addiction.

Those moments make me anxious and frustrated and make me get the urge more.

You can always message me if you want someoneto talk to.