A Lot Of People Do It

It's not just me. That's what I constantly say. Yet today I was sitting in my form room when my friend came in and told me about someone self harming and this person sending a picture of their cuts and asking my friend to save it on her phone. See firstly this shocked me, that people want there self harm known. But also that my friend could show and talk about something so serious without even wincing,and could look at that picture everyday when she goes onto her photos and show others like it isn't personal. Nobody I know in person knows I self harm, and I get scared when I think they might.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I'm the same as you. And I have a friend who self harms by cutting her wrists only to roll her sleeves up while we're in lectures and it astounds me, but I was thinking that the way they view it may be that they're wounds from battle, an internal struggle. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, and for those reasons I can see why they could possibly want to show their scars off, but I have to say that it just isn't me. I don't see the need to flaunt them, but that's the problem, I can't go swimming because of the state of my legs and what people might say about it /: xx