I Just Cut My Hip...

I just cut it a few times because I put 4lbs on... I feel fat... I guess I was punishing my self... But this sugar is damn addictive... I don't always know I'm doing it... :(
Xxxshanxxx Xxxshanxxx 13-15, F 2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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hey you changed your age. oh and why? dieting hurts more than cutting your self.

I changed my age because anything that had even a swear word like sh1t or even he'll and damn was blocked!!!!!


OH. How are you doing?

I'm good what about you??? :)

same here.just enjoying my four day weekend.

I'm on half term holiday now!!! :)



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Hey, I know that you might not listen to me, because, hey another girl your age isn't exactly a reliable expert, but stop cutting. I know you might feel like you're disgusting, and trust me, I feel like that too sometimes, but you just have to rise above it all, and have a positive reaction. For example, when I feel particularly fat somedays, I resolve to eat an apple instead of the cookie I was planning to. It's small things like this that'll help you! Hope this helps, and hey, I'm ready to talk if you are :)