Ways To Hurt Yourself.

I have never cut myself nor I harmed in any other conscious way.

The way I hurt myself is rather different.

Due to my stressful living, I get more and more panic attacks which sometimes ends up with hyperventilation and such breathing difficulties or heart problems.
I used to simply fall on the ground, with my hands covering my head, and whisper calming words to myself as if I had another person living inside of me. Now I can't keep it, it's getting worse. Whenever I get that attack, I start unconsciously hitting my hands into ground, wall or an other object like table. Then I feel no pain just after I calm down, I see a bleeding hand or bruises.

As it's getting worse, I'm thinking about how could I avoid that, before I kill myself by splashing my brain into a wall.
BlindFate BlindFate
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 31, 2013

What I use to do when I use to self harm and was trying to keep from doing so.... was wear a rubber band around my wrist. Whenever I felt the need or the urge, I would just pop myself on the wrist. Best to have multiple rubber bands as you may break a few doing this.