I just relapsed...
I was a whole month and 3 days clean and all my anger, sadness and anxiety bottled up inside me pushing me to cut have won
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I haven't cut myself for 5 whole years. The other night I ran out of coping strategies and gave in to the urge. You're not a failure, we make mistakes. You can quit again and again if you have to. You can also talk to me any time xxx

Try putting an elastic band round your wrist, when you feel like self harming, pull it back and snap it as hard as you can against you wrist!
The sting will be enough to give you relief and stop you from self harming... You can use this method for as long as you want and as often... And not actually cut yourself, but it feels the same if you snap the elastic band hard enough.

Don't look at this as a failure, just another chance to quit again and go even longer without cutting this time, Rome wasn't built in a day :)

I will defiantly try to look at it that way! Thanks

Same here, it's really difficult