It Gets Harder Every Day

I self injure, i have been for the past two year. i was raped and i think thats when it all started, he raped me at knifepoint in my own bed. i think i am ADDICTED! i know that sounds crazy, but i think i am, i cut when im sad, i cut when im lonely, i cut when im mad, i cut for just about every reason, i never seem to be happy. i take meds but i have a feeling that they are not working. I cry myself to sleep all the time. I joined this group for people to help and to share their expieriences. so please comment this story

scrantonxknights23 scrantonxknights23
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

ur right, i dont see it that way. all i know is that your story made me tear up. and hey, if youve hit rock bottom, theres no place to go but up right?

it IS an addiction most ppl dont see it that way but it is