So... A week ago I had cut myself... And my Guy friend came over and I told him I couldn't go swimming bc I had cuts on my thighs. I guess he thought they were just a few cuts from something but they weren't... Anyways... I was in his car n he started rubbing my thigh n I smacked his had and said my cuts are there n he pulled up my basketball shorts to see the cuts n I just looked out the window and started tearing up and he got really mad n upset n asked me why I did it n I didn't tell him, I got outta his car and walked inside... And he pulled outta the driveway n went n talked to his friends about it
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why did you start cutting tho. whats the reason ? dm me if u needa talk

The reason I first started? Bc my mom was mean to me and she stopped me from seeing my dad and people made fun of me at school