First Time!

I'm a young guy and got a little carried away playing with myself tonight. I ended up on a site playing with myself for the viewing pleasure of a horny woman. She got really excited and ended up getting me to do something I never knew I could physically do - self-sucking! I don't know if this is really wierd, and wonder if other woman would find it disgusting?
superhandz1 superhandz1
22-25, M
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

some women find it disgusting, some turned on and every guy is interested in it. I can do it and if you can too, consider yourself extremely lucky and enjoy the taste of your own ****. The first time you feel and taste your own **** pulsing with hot ***** as you suck it is mind blowing. I have learned to love the taste of my own *****. going to drink some right now.

Pretty awesome. I wonder how much you could suck? If you want to go deeper, get the guide at and you'll be able to go all the way down. I learned how from there, and can reach so far now that if I had a P***y, I'd be able to lick it. !

so you deep throat yourself ?

Yes.. on a good day.. lol. other days, its anywhere from the head to 3-4 inches down.

awesome !!