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One of my friends helped me with my computer last week. I want to repay the favor. So I decide to treat him the second day. But he said it is definitely his turn to treat me, because I paid last time. I think that was a just a quick bite to eat, and that does not count. Eventually,  he advised, “how about we just go Dutch?” I think it is settled. But he is still pretty new around here, so it would be alright if I found the restaurant. On that day night, my friend and I have met at a subway station in the center of town and we were discussing the restaurant we are going to. Because I tried hard ,but I am afraid I could not find a Dutch restaurant in town. The best I could do was a German one about 30 minutes from here. My friend was confused. I thought he said he want to have Dutch food. but that is not what he mean “go Dutch”. “going Dutch” means to split the bill. Oh finally I know his mean. That makes so much more sense! Ha-ha, well, great, I do not like German food any way. So we choose the Chinese food and we went Dutch in the end. In the social, many young people meet together and go Dutch. Let’s go Dutch. I think it is fashion. We can keep the close to our friends and release the burden. We can meet new friends in this way.Thanks for your reading for my article, the author had bought Diablo 3 Gold by post that article, do you want to know about Diablo 3 Gold, I will provide you the best service for Diablo 3 Gold.
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