So Shy!

I'm going on my second year of selling Mary Kay but having a hard time getting customers due to being shy. I really love being in Mary Kay and love the products but just can't get the nerve up to talk to people. If anyone has any advice for getting out of being shy and what to say to people without seeming to be too pushy I sure could use it. Thanks
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

I also sell it and am shy. What works for me is that I do challenges. I say today I will talk to 2 strangers, and then find a incentive for doing it, like buying the purse I liked at the store. Etc.

i can tell when someone is trying to act all friendly to sell me something, it's forced. All i can say is, don't act like their best friend when you don't even know them, but don't badger them when they aren't interested. Just be generally friendly, ask questions. People will be flattered if you start a conversation asking them questions about what they're doing or what they're wearing. Let them know you're interested in knowing about them.
if it helps, read the book: "how to make friends and influence people" it's very helpful.