Ebay and the Enemy

last august i sold a computer on ebay, paypal took the charge card and ok the deal.  then in 30 day there was a charge back filed and paypal would not help us, and i asked them to forward the information i had acquired to the charge card company, but no deal. i received a letter from the man that kept my computer, he told me to come to Nigeria and pick it up. He said that bidding on ebay was a snap, and using another persons charge card on paypal was a snap.  I lost my computer, the money i paid ebay and paypal, and all of the other money envolved. I just thought somebody out there should know.
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4 Responses Mar 20, 2007

You dont ship out of the country, period. and you state that in your listing.<br />
You check the persons feedback before you send anything.<br />
If it is something of high value, you have to be really careful. There are tons of guides on ebay on how to complete successful transactions. Paypal protects you, and so does ebay, if you follow their rules and procedures. <br />
You make a mistake, you lose. Thats how it goes.<br />
DO SOME RESEARCH before you go sending computers to other countries!

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yes but what really scares me and made me upset was that neither ebay or paypal did anything about this. their only answer was to contact the bidder, HOW when he is out of the country. and as far as i can tell 4 more people have been ripped off since then and ebay is still not doing anything. sorry you lost money also. when you sell something like computers if they are new people that have just sign on in ebay DON'T let paypal accept their charge card. make the buyer send a check of some sort, and wait until the money clears. that is what i wanted to do but paypal said that they had already accepted the charge, since talking to them a 100 times i have since learned that you can refuse their accepted payment, but it is a hassle<br />

I had a friend who also got screwed over using pay pal. He lost $200. You must have lost way more.